SALE NO - 1 , SALE DATE: 25.04.2017

LEAF : 11.43 AM-3.00 PM

DUST & SUPP : 02.52 PM - 3.45 PM


* Madhupur GBOP 10 274/- Sum Madhupur PF 10 246/- NBT * Madhupur GBOP(BT2) 10 290/- GL BTRI DMPF) BT2 10 339/- Lux * Madhupur RD 10 231/- AKT Clevedon RD 5 266/- Aftab Madhupur D 10 253/- AKT Clevedon D 5 263 AKT * Deanston CD 10 276/- Sha * Madhupur/Madhupur CD(BT1) 10/5 280/- MH/Jamuna * Above price(s) realised in our catalogue

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 01 Held on Tuesday 25th April, 2017

CTC LEAF:  20,648 packages and 108 packages of Old Season teas on offer met with a good demand.

BROKENS: BOPs met with a selective demand. Only a few good liquoring well made varieties sold well which fetched prices between Tk.200/- and Tk.210/-. There were some withdrawals in this category. Well made small Brokens were strongly competed for and generally sold between Tk.205/- and Tk.215/-. Medium varieties sold between Tk.195/- and Tk.200/-. Plain types met with only some demand and sold between Tk.170/- and Tk.180/- with fairly heavy withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Well made and best liquoring Fannings were strongly competed for and sold between Tk.210/- and Tk.225/-. Good types also sold well in line with quality. These realsed prices between Tk.195/- and  Tk.205/-. Medium varieties met with some demand with fair withdrawals whilst plainest were often difficult of sale with heavier withdrawals.

CTC DUST:  3,327 packages and 14 packages of Old Season Teas on offer met a strong demand CDs particularly the good liquoring varieties were a strong feature of the sale  and sold higher than Brokers’ valuations, selling between Tk.245/- and Tk. 270/-. Good liquoring Dusts were also a strong market selling around Brokers’ valuations and slightly lower ranging between Tk.215/- and Tk..225/- and more. RDs met with a good demand and generally sold Tk.5/- to Tk.10/- below valuations, selling between Tk.205/- and Tk.220/-. Both Blenders and Loose Tea buyers lent strong support.

COMMENTS: The New Season’s sale started with a good demand particularly for the brightest teas on offer. Loose tea buyers were the mainstay of the market with fair support from the Blenders for selective lines on offer. However, it was noteworthy that price concertina between best and medium is wide often by Tk.20/- per kg.

Good liquoring CDs and Ds were a strong feature of the sale.

Our catalogue (Sale 01) Avg: Tk 208.47, Sold 79.2%