SALE NO - 9 , SALE DATE: 20.06.2017

LEAF : 12.14 PM-3.28 PM

DUST & SUPP : 3.02 PM - 4.18 PM


* Amrail GBOP 10 259/- AKT * Madhupur PF 10 255/- Ali * Madhupur GBOP(BT1) 10 280/- Sam * Madhupur PF(BT1) 10 261/- FA * Amrail RD 10 270/- Danish * Madhupur RD(BT2) 10 270/- Danish * Balisera D 10 260/- MTC * Madhupur D(BT1) 10 267/- AKT * Rajghat/* Deanston CD 20 281/- Shawon * Madhupur CD(BT1) 10 312/- LC/Maria  * Above price(s) realised in our catalogue

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 08 Held on Tuesday 13th JUNE 2017

CTC LEAF: 26,345 packages and 452 packages of Old Season Teas on offer continued to meet with a strong demand.

BROKENS:  Good liquoring Brokens were once again a strong market and were dearer by upto Tk.5/- and more. Medium quality met with a good market and were generally firm. The remainder sold at around last levels with some withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Good liquoring Fannings were again strongly competed for and were mostly dearer by upto Tk.5/-. Others were firm to slightly dearer. Plainer types met with a fairly good demand and sold at around last levels with some withdrawals.

CTC DUST: 5,212 packages and 14 packages of Old Season Teas on offer met with a good demand. Good liquoring sorts particularly the CDs were dearer by Tk.5/- to Tk.7/- following quality. The remainder met with a fair demand at barely steady to easier rates with a few withdrawals. Blenders lent active support with only fair interest from the Loose tea buyers.

COMMENTS:  There was more competition this week from all sections of the market particularly for good liquoring varieties which were a dearer market. Blenders lent more support with quite good interest from the Loose tea buyers.

Dusts were a dearer market.

Our catalogue (Sale 08 ) Avg: Tk 210.62, sold 71.6% & (Sale 07) Avg: Tk 204.38, sold 76.5%