SALE NO - 4 , SALE DATE: 2019-05-20

LEAF : 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

DUST & SUPP : 10.30 am to 2.35 pm


SALE 3/2019-2020 – Brokens Madhupur GBOP 10 285/- Ali Fannings Madhupur PF 10 308/- Danish Clonal Brokens Clevedon GBOP(S) 10 302/- Kalam Clonal Fannings BTRI DMPF(BT2) 2 320/- LC PD/RD Madhupur RD 10 292/- Aftab Clonal PD/RD * Neptune RD 30 224/- HRC D * Rasidpur D 20 280/- AKT/Danish Clonal D Ruthna D 10 240/- TK CD * Rasidpur CD 10 307/- HRC Clonal CD Kaiyacherra Dalu CD 2 317/- Hoq Ctg * Above price(s) realised in our catalogue

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 3 Held on Tuesday 14th May, 2019

CTC LEAF: 35,056 packages of Current Season and 30 packages of Old Season Teas on offer once again met with less demand at much easier rates with heavy withdrawals.

BROKENS: A handful of good varieties met with a fairly good demand but prices eased by upto Tk.20/-. Medium sorts met with a fair demand and eased further by Tk.20/- and more. Withdrawals were heavy in this category. Plainer sorts again saw a limited interest and met with heavy withdrawals.

FANNINGS: A few well made good liquoring teas met with a fairly good demand but prices dropped by Tk.20/- with fair withdrawals. Mediums followed a similar trend but witnessed more withdrawals than last. Plainer and poor teas were mostly neglected and subjected to heavy withdrawals.

CTC DUST: 7890 packages of current season teas were on offer met with only a fair demand. Good liquoring CDs were strong but sold at lower rates than last week. Good liquoring Ds had fair demand. Blenders were selective on good liquoring CDs and Ds. Loose tea buyers were active especially for CDs. There was much less demand for Plainer and Bought Leaf varieties which had fair withdrawals.

COMMENTS: There were more teas on offer compared to last this week. Blenders were a little more active whilst Loose tea buyers continued to be selective. There were more withdrawals this week particularly for the plain and Bought Leaf Factory teas.

Good liquoring CDs met with a fair demand.

Our catalogue (Sale 03):  Avg: Tk 228.88, Sold 62.9% & ( Sale 02 ) Avg: Tk 249.87, sold 59.0%. - cheap advertising