SALE NO - 04 , SALE DATE: 2022-05-23

LEAF : 8.30 am to 2.16 pm

DUST & SUPP : 2.20 am to 4.38 pm


Category – CTC Garden Grade Package Price Buyer(s) Brokens Kaiyacherra Dalu GBOP 10 278/- Ali Fannings Kaiyacherra Dalu OF 10 273/- Ali Clonal Brokens * Madhupur GBOP(BT1) 10 410/- Sen Clonal Fannings Clevedon OF 10 316/- Jamuna PD/RD (Incl Clone) * Balisera PD 10 261/- AKT D (Incl Clone) * Madhupur D(BT1) 10 387/- Sen CD (Incl Clone) * Madhupur CD(BT1) 5 404/- Power

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 03 Held on Monday 16th May, 2022

CTC LEAF: 25,410 packages of Current Season teas on offer once again met with a fair demand with more withdrawals.

BROKENS: Well made good liquoring Brokens met with a good demand and sold well but prices were easier by Tk.6/- to Tk.8/- and prices for these ranged between Tk.212/- and Tk.217/-. Smaller Brokens met with a similar trend and eased by upto Tk.12/- and these realised rates between Tk.207/- and Tk.214/-. However, there were a few withdrawals in this category. Medium types once again met with less demand and often declined by Tk. 12/- to Tk.14/- and prices for these ranged between Tk.195/- and Tk.200/-. Plain types met with much less demand and sold between Tk.175/- and Tk. 185/- and there were heavy withdrawals in this category. BLF teas met with some demand but prices again declined quite sharply and these sold between Tk.125/- and Tk.140/- with quite a lot of withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Good liquoring Fannings were well supported but prices dropped by Tk.10/- to Tk.12/- and prices ranged between Tk. 212/- and Tk.220/-. Mediums were in less demand and declined by upto Tk.15/- and sold between Tk.197/- and Tk.204/-. Plain types were discounted further and often sold between Tk.175/- and Tk.182/- with quite heavy withdrawals. BLF teas saw fair decline in price and could be quoted between Tk.128/- and Tk.140/- with quite a lot of withdrawals.

CTC DUST: 6,557 packages of Current Season teas on offer met with good demand. Good liquoring varieties sold at irregularly easier market. Medium Dusts met with fair demand and were further discounted with a few withdrawals. Plain and BLF categories met with less demand at easier rates with several withdrawals. Blenders lent strong support with fair interest from the Loose tea buyers.

COMMENTS: There was only a handful of bright liquoring teas backed by neat appearance which elicited good demand and were generally steady to touch dearer. All others met with a discriminating market and recorded a fairly sharp drop in price following quality. Blenders lent a fair support whilst there was some interest from the Loose tea buyers for selective lines. Dusts were an easier market.

Our catalogue (Sale 03): Avg: Tk 212.06, Sold 71.8% & (Sale 02) Avg: Tk 215.33, sold 76.1%. - cheap advertising