SALE NO - 32 , SALE DATE: 2018-12-11

LEAF : 08.30 AM - 06.30 AM

DUST & SUPP : 10.30 AM - 04.17 PM


Madhupur GBOP 10 335/- PA Madhupur PF 10 330/- AKT * Madhupur/Madhupur GBOP(BT1)/TV1 20/10 345/- AKT/Maria * Madhupur PF(BT1) 10 355/- AKT * Deundi PD 10 331/- Meghna * Madhupur /Madhupur RD(BT1/BT2) 10/10 340/- Meghna/Consol * Madhupur D 10 338/- Meghna Madhupur D(BT1) 10 320/- Orion * Daragaon CD 20 317/- TS/Shawon * Madhupur CD(BT1) 10 323/- Meghna  * Above price(s) realised in our catalogue

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 32 Held on Tuesday 8th May, 2018

CTC LEAF: 50,247 packages of Current Season & 15 packages of Old Season Teas on offer met with less demand.

BROKENS: BOPs met with only a fair demand and were substantially easier over last. Bright liquoring GBOPs were a good market but were a little easier. Their Medium varieties eased by upto Tk.7/- and more whilst plainer types eased further with heavy withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Bright liquoring Fannings were a good market and were about steady to slightly easier. Medium types eased further whilst plainer varieties registered a sharp decline with heavy withdrawals.

CTC DUST: 7,450 packages of Current Season Teas on offer met with a good demand. Brighter liquoring teas met with a good competition and sold at around last levels. Medium category sold at firm rates. The remainder were barely steady to easier rates following quality with quite fair withdrawals. Blenders lent strong support with fair interest from the Loose tea buyers.


COMMENTS: There was less demand this week which slackened as the sale progressed. Select few lines of bright liquoring Fannings met with a good competition and were mostly firm. All major Blenders were quite active whilst Loose tea buyers continued to be selective.

It was evident throughout the sale that the Major buyers closely followed quality and as a result all plain and Medium varieties were often neglected.

Good liquoring Dusts were a strong feature of the sale.


Our catalogue (Sale 32):  Avg: Tk 283.68, Sold 63.7% & (Sale 31) Avg: Tk 287.44, sold 72.5%. - cheap advertising