SALE NO - 42 , SALE DATE: 2021-03-15

LEAF : 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

DUST & SUPP : 9.30 am to 6.30 pm


Brokens * Rasidpur BOP 10 197/- LC Fannings Malnicherra OF 20 187/- Jam/Ispahani Clonal Brokens Karnafuli GBOP 10 237/- Sanwara Clonal Fannings Dildarpur OF 10 215/- Mollah PD/RD * Chandpore RD 10 226/- Uttara D Lalchand D 10 190/- Bornali CD * Nalua CD 10 228/- AKT

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 42 Held on Monday 15th March, 2021

CTC LEAF: 5,395 packages of Current Season and 3,172 packages of New Season Teas on offer met with a fairly strong demand at mostly firm rates.

BROKENS: A small weight of clean Brokens met with quite a strong demand and were mostly firm. All others sold well in line with quality.

FANNINGS: Likewise, a nominal weight of clean Fannings met with quite a strong demand and were mostly firm. The remainder sold at firm rates following quality.

CTC DUST: 1,906 packages of Current Season, 99 packages of New Season and 5 packages of Old Season Teas on offer on offer met with quite a good demand at slightly easier rates. However. dull and plain CDs were withdrawn without bids. New Season Dusts met with good competition and sold in range between Tk.239/- and Tk.316/-.

COMMENTS: This was the last sale of the season where a small weight of tea was offered. The sale attracted strong interest from all sections of the market.

Dusts sold well.

NEW SEASON 2021/2022

A small weight of New Season teas on offer met with a fairly strong demand but prices followed quality and these could be quoted between Tk. 220/- and Tk. 310/-.

E-AUCTION: The Inaugural sale of the Digital Auction comprising of a nominal quantity of tea took place today with all sections of the trade participating. The Government was represented by a Senior officer of Bangladesh Tea Board.

Our catalogue ( Sale 42 ):  Avg: Tk 204.06, Sold 75.6% & ( Sale 41 ) Avg: Tk 196.03, sold 95.9%. - cheap advertising