SALE NO - 02 , SALE DATE: 2020-06-01

LEAF : 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

DUST & SUPP : 10.30 am to 2.35 pm


Brokens * Nalua GBOP 10 264/- NBT Fannings Surma OF 10 263/- NBT Clonal Brokens Kaiyacherra Dalu GBOP 10 352/- Shawon Clonal Fannings Kaiyacherra Dalu OF 10 363/- PA PD/RD (Incl Clone) * Madhupur RD(BT1) 10 265/- AKT D (Incl Clone) * Luskerpore D 10 244/- Uttara CD (Incl Clone) * Luskerpore CD 10 259/- Pop(D)

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 01 Held on Monday 18th May, 2020

CTC LEAF:  17,279  packages of Current Season teas and 24 packages of Old Season Teas on offer met with a good but selective demand.

BROKENS: The best Brokens on offer were well sought after and these ranged between Tk.230/- and Tk.240/-. Below best sold between Tk.220/- and Tk.230/-. Others which were lower in quality sold between Tk.200/- and Tk.210/-. BLF teas sold between Tk.140/- and Tk.170/- with fair withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Well made good liquoring Fannings elicited good support and generally sold in line with quality, prices ranging between Tk.228/- and Tk.233/- whilst below best fetching prices between Tk.220/- and Tk.225/-. The remainder met with fair interest and these ranged between Tk.195/- and Tk.205/-. BLF teas saw some interest but ranged between Tk.140/- and Tk.170/-.

CTC DUST: 2,757 packages of Current Season teas and 2 packages of Old Season teas on offer met with a good demand.  Ds and CDs met with a fairly good competition and sold at a range between Tk.235/- and Tk.250/-. Others also sold well in line with quality. However, plain/BLF teas met with less demand with fair withdrawals. Blenders lent strong support with fair interest from the Loose tea  buyers.

COMMENTS:  This was the first sale of the season which took place at the Bangabandhu Conference Hall, World Trade Center, Chittagong after an interval of two months where strict social distancing was maintained. However, owing to curtailment of movement because of the prevailing COVID-19 epidemic, out-station buyers could not be present. Inspite of these constraints, a good market prevailed whereby the bulk of the offerings could be disposed off at an average of Tk.218.79. Both Blenders and Loose tea buyers were operating in good strength for the best teas on offer. However, Plain teas particularly BLFs were mostly withdrawn owing to lack of bids.

Dusts sold well.

Our catalogue (Sale 01):  Avg: Tk 218.79,  Sold 75.9%. - cheap advertising