SALE NO - 49 , SALE DATE: 2024-04-01

LEAF : 8.30 am to 2.16 pm

DUST & SUPP : 2.20 am to 4.38 pm


Brokens * Luskerpore BOP 10 152/- City Fannings * Balisera PF 30 166/- BBT/Consol Clonal Brokens Karnafuli BOP 10 162/- City Clonal Fannings Karnafuli FOF 30 184/- STS RD/PD (incl.Clone) * Amrail RD 10 148/- Meghna D (incl.Clone) * Madhupur D(BT1) 10 210/- Lovely CD (incl.Clone) * Balisera CD 10 210/- Lovely * Above price(s) realised in our catalogue

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 49 Held on Monday 1st April, 2024

CTC LEAF : 11,586  packages of  tea  on offer met with a fairly good demand.

BROKENS/FANNINGS: There was more interest for all varieties particularly the cheapest varieties which sold well at around last levels. Only a few teas were dearer following competition.

DUST: 5,361 packages of  tea on offer met with some demand. Good liquoring Dusts sold at Tk.5/- to Tk.10/- less than last with some withdrawals. Mediums were again an easier market with heavy withdrawals. Plain and BLF Dusts once again remained difficult of sale with heavy withdrawals. Blenders were selective whilst Loose tea buyers were very selective.

COMMENTS:  This was the pen-ultimate sale of the season where as aforesaid, buyers were more active particularly the Loose tea buyers. However, prices realised were very low reflecting end of season quality that comprised the whole of the market.

Dusts met with heavy withdrawals at easier rates than last.

Our Catalogue:  (Sale 49)  Avg : Tk 76.81 ,   Sold 68.96 % , (Sale 48)  Avg : Tk  88.89 ,  Sold 53.01%