SALE NO - 15 , SALE DATE: 2019-08-20

LEAF : 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

DUST & SUPP : 10.30 am to 2.35 pm


Brokens Madhupur GBOP 20 306/- HTA Fannings * Madhupur PF 30 288/- Ali Clonal Brokens * Madhupur GBOP(BT1) 20 347/- GT/Sen Clonal Fannings Clevedon OF 10 308/- AR PD/RD Madhupur RD 10 290/- Kamona Clonal PD/RD Madhupur RD(BT1) 10 290/- Orion D Deundi D 10 260/- Orion Clonal D Madhupur D(BT1) 20 307/- Orion/ACME CD Karnafuli CD 6 339/- Pop Clonal CD Madhupur CD(BT1) 10 373/- Kazi

TEA MARKET REPORT – Sale 14 Held on Tuesday 6th August, 2019

CTC LEAF: 55,152  packages of Current Season  and  1080 packages of Old Season Teas on offer met with a strong demand.

BROKENS: Good Brokens were a strong feature and were mostly dearer often by upto Tk.5/-. Mediums were about steady. However, plainer types met with a fair demand at lower rates with some withdrawals. Poorest continued to be difficult of sale with very heavy withdrawals.

FANNINGS: Bright Fannings met with a good demand and were fully firm to occasionally dearer. Medium types saw a better demand and were firm to slightly dearer. Plain varieties saw some enquiry and sold at irregularly easier rates.  Poor varieties saw a little more enquiry but there were quite heavy  withdrawals.

CTC DUST: 10,474  packages of Current Season Teas on offer met with a fairly good demand. Best and good liquoring Dusts were firm to slightly dearer. Medium sorts sold well at around last levels. BLF Dust met with a slightly better demand following some improvement in quality. However, plainer types witnessed some withdrawals. Blenders once again lent good support with fair interest from the Loose tea buyers.

COMMENTS: This sale comprised of a much larger weight of tea than last but offerings were quite well absorbed without a decline in price. Blenders lent strong support whilst there was more interest from the Loose tea buyers. As a result of increased activity, the withdrawal percentage was lower and overall sale average was also higher.

BLF varieties saw a little more enquiry but prices realised were irregular. There was again very heavy withdrawals in this section.

Dusts met with an improved demand.

Our catalogue (Sale 14):  Avg: Tk 197.87, Sold 76.6% & ( Sale 13 ) Avg: Tk 189.40, sold 72.6% - cheap advertising